Revert Back to Me

The older I get, the more I feel the same.

As if I’m learning more about myself just to realize I am exactly who I’ve always been.
With much more understanding but not as much as I need yet.

The flow been moving my bones since I was zero years old
So low and behold the things I want are passion and goals.
To feel driven from my dome through my toes,
A path like destiny, But where’s the directions hidden.
I don’t know, you gotta feel em.


If we are given a destiny where do you think it’s written?
I’ll wager the business
It’s written up in us.
Each one of us got a hidden agenda, we don’t see til we risen.

It’s been with us since birth; From the universe,
We are star dust, All of us. That’s just matter.
So We All Matter,
That ain’t so Saturn an idea, I feel Neptune in here
Moon pulling my fears, and the Sun pulling up the rear
So the way back appears..xX


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